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Mindset Secrets the "Gurus" Won't Teach You

Learn How I Hit My First 10K Month + Actionable steps you can apply now!


Dallas Gordon,

eComm Business Coach & Marketing Success Strategist

Motivator, Wife & Mompreneur of 3

I remember when...

I began selling online years ago. I was excited to get my feet wet with online selling. I realized that I couldn't make it on my own, as I wasn't sure I had the right information to succeed. To remedy this, I began connecting with other entrepreneurs on social media. It wasn't long before I was pitched with all types of online earning opportunities, income screenshots and several people claiming they could teach me how to get extraordinary results in my eCommerce businesses. In a blink of an eye, 5 years had passed.  By then I'd purchased dozens of online courses, but still wasn't happy with my results. I earned hundreds, even thousands here and there, but I didn't feel I was really scratching the surface of my income goals. I spent restless nights wondering what I was doing wrong.


That my mindset wasn't a great match for the results I desired. I found myself hitting the same income goals over and over, but never breaking through. I wasn't able to scale my business and take my success to the next level. I was moving, but felt I wasn't progressing; going in circles, over and over again. Can you relate? I felt trapped inside the vicious cycle of being addicted to buying & hoarding information, applying bits and pieces for a moment, and then moving to the latest and greatest course or coach.  I was tired of operating my business and life this way, so I decided to make the very shift that has earned me 10K+ in a single month. I finally broke through, hit my goals, and have been sailing every since!  The good news? This can be you!

Are You Ready?

I'm going to teach you the very mindset I adapted to hit 10K+ months. You're going to learn just how to upgrade your thinking to unlock the success you've always wanted! Feel like you've been missing what you need to get to the next level in business and life? You're in the right place! I'm taking ONLY a select few students into my LIVE 7 Day Masterclass & Challenge. Will you be one? 

6 Day Challenge & Masterclass replay, Support Group, Worksheets!

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